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UR-CST offers the kind of education needed for leadership in a rapidly changing world. Its five (5) schools – Engineering, ICT, Science, Mining & Geology and Architecture & The Built Environment – offer a breadth of highly regarded degree programs that allow students the freedom to explore their intellectual and personal passions. Click the links below to view our schools.
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Our Directorates are at the heart of all our College administrative arrangements. These include; Directorates of: Planning, ICT, Finance, Administration & HR, Library, Registrar, Quality Assurance, Dean of Students, Estates, Campus Manager and Postgraduate Studies. For more details about our directorates, click the button below.
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Visit our online library for more details and resources.
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Please note:  The Academic Teaching Timetable is a dynamic system and subject to change. You are required to check the timetable prior to the commencement of classes. 
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Our College Newsletter is designed and published by our students to keep you informed of behind the scenes highlights from the previous month and events & opportunities of the upcoming months. It features academic news, events, clubs’ news, staff and student achievements and much more. Enjoy reading!
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Upcoming Events

feb 6   Semester 2 Begins
feb28   Senate Meeting
Mar1   Admissions Start 

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