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Dr. Santhi Kumaran

 santhi kumaran        Dean, School of ICT

Also: Associate Professor

Department: Computer Engineering 

Office Location: M103, First Floor, KIST 1 Building

Curriculum Vitae (CV): Dr. Santhi Kumaran.pdf

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Telephone: +250 788 594505

Dr.Santhi Kumaran is the Dean, School of ICT and an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Engineering. She has over 20 years of experience in teaching and research and has 35+ international publications.


Her education has been enriched by exposure to a broad variety of subjects, in the fields of Electronics and Communications, Microwave and Optical Engineering and Computer Engineering. This makes her fit and well prepared to teach advanced courses in Communications and Computer Engineering disciplines. She has been the team leader in developing the curriculum for many of the programs.


She has been undertaking various administrative responsibilities as: the Manager, KIST-African Virtual University (AVU) Learning Center, Kigali Campus from June 2003 to Dec 2007, Head, Department of Computer Engineering and IT from January2007 to December 2008 and as the Deputy Director of KIST-E-health Center of Excellence from July 2010 to May 2011.


She has coordinated the mobile applications development program offered by MIT-AITI initiative. She was also the focal point for the Blackberry–RIM initiative. She has written a book on Computer Architecture and has contributed a chapter to a popular handbook on WiMAX Applications by CRC Press in 2006. She has been the Technical program committee member for many of the international conferences and External Examiner for PhD research works of Universities abroad.

She received the IBM Faulty Award for the year 2010.

Due to her keen interest in the field of broadband wireless she continuously explores the latest developments in this field and try to propose some new prototypes. She is interested in working on the field of Green ICT mainly focusing on the impact of ICT on Green House Gases (GHGs). While on one hand we talk about Smart grids and Smart homes that lead to the increase in telecoms, on the other hand we talk about GHG emissions due to increasing ICT. How could we balance both? She is currently working towards further exploration in this area.


1. Technical Program committee: 06

2. Reviewer in Conference/Journals: 28

3. Convener of Conference /Workshops: 09

4. Editorial board: 02

5. Keynote Speaker in international conferences: 4

6. Invited Lectures: 15

7. International workshops attended: 18

8. Expert for curriculum validation: 14

9. PhD External Examiner and Board member: 05

10. Focal point for international technical trainings: 06

11. External Examiner for other universities: 08


UR - CST, Avenue de l'Armee

P. O. Box 3900 Kigali-Rwanda

Call: +250 (0) 788 469314  

Email: principal