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Youths Must Stand Up in the Fight Against Genocide Ideology 

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Gasamagera W. Director General of Rwanda Management Institute gives a Public lecture in UR-Nyarugenge campus main hall. To his extreme left is ag. principal of UR-CMHS – Dr. Kagwiza Jeanne next to the principal of UR-CST – Prof. Mbonye.

Rwanda started the 22nd commemoration of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi from this 7th April, 2016. Youths are more targeted to be one of the key element for rebuilding peace, unity and reconciliation for a brighter future among Rwandans.

We mourn when we remember our families, friends, colleagues and partners who died for no reason, but for who they were born. It is our duty and responsibility to take this time to give them the honor they deserve. Said Prof. Manasse Mbonye, Principal of College of Science and Technology

The theme was “The importance of remembering Genocide that was committed against the Tutsi”.

In his presentation, Gasamagera said the Genocide against Tutsi was unique as Rwandans were the ones who took the responsibilities to slaughter and exterminate their relatives, wives and their own children.

We urge you as youths to stand up against the genocide denial. To fight this, you need to read enough and document enough, stay awake to respond to the denials the world. If you stay together, fighting together, I am very sure that we will get success. He concluded.


Sheza Didier, student in CST construction addressing his contribution to presentation.

A fourth year student, Sheza Didier, said government should empower more students to know more about their history. 


Student leader, Gahima Ivan addressing the public on what youths should do.

Gahima Ivan, a student leader in College of Medicine and Health Sciences said, youths must learn and read as much as possible as they can in order to be knowledgeable to interpret what the so called intellectuals are denying.

 Courtesy of UR-CST PR & Communication Office


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