School of Engineering

The school of Engineering (SoE) is pleased to welcome all guests to its Webpage and thank them for their time! The school, as one of five Schools of the College of Science and technology (CST) is offering different and very marketable programs in Engineering and Technology. Our College of Science and Technology (CST), and respectively our University of Rwanda (UR) may be proud of the school so far, as it has committed itself to play an important role while bringing a remarkable contribution in the achievement of their respective missions.

The School of Engineering offers nine undergraduates (Bsc Degree) and three graduates (Msc Degree) programs, allocated on three campuses namely, Nyagatare, Huye and Nyarugenge campuses. Graduates from this school are employed in different sectors (public and private) and may be the witnesses of the school's strength and achievement.


The VISION of the school is to be aligned to those of the UR-CST, and is stated as follows:

1. The School of Engineering should be an internationally-renowned, regionally-engaged, comprehensive centre of excellence in Engineering and technology that delivers academic programmes at the highest international standards.

2. It should be engaged in world class of fundamental, strategic and applied research and provide services to the community and business whilst remaining true to its commitment to be responsive school to the needs of Rwanda.


1. To train students in all prominent Engineering and Technology Areas, and offer to them all competitive qualities

2. To execute research conducting to the innovations able to contribute to our country (Rwanda) development

3. To participate actively in public services

4. To be an example of a well organized unit, academically and administratively in the College of Science and Technology, and in University of Rwanda, as well in in Rwanda. 


1. To equip students in the School of engineering with advanced skills with a view to increasing manpower and capacity for national development.

2. To promote research, based on the disciplines offered in Engineering School.

3. To disseminate the results of research through teaching, seminars, conferences, public lectures, publications and other appropriate means.

4. To provide consultancy services to government, industry, the private sector and the community at large.

5. To engage in income-generating activities with a view to creating awareness of lucrative investment.

6. To collaborate with other academic, professional, technical and research Schools/faculties in and outside Rwanda for educational and technological development.

7. To develop and promote close collaboration with the private sector and the community so as to enrich engineering's programmes.

8. To make provision for the advancement, transmission and preservation of knowledge and to sustain intellectual life in Rwanda.

9. To contribute to the cultural, civic and moral training of its students and to participate actively in the economic and socio-cultural development of the country. 



The choice of goals is based on the school stakeholders needs. We understand that our key stakeholders are Engineering Students, UR/CST Management and the whole Rwandan Community. The objectives underlined in the SOE strategic planning are in line with the following College development pillars:

1. Building a strong academic structure

2. Growing a strong research environment

3. Supporting student welfare

4. Investing in Professional academic development and staff welfare

5. Development of a strong alumni basis 


1. Ensure that the curriculum is harmonized in all its campuses and fully meets quality & international standards

2. Ensure that all SOE programmes are locally and international accredited

3. Ensure that the teaching and learning in the school of engineering is of the highest quality

4. Ensure that the learning environment and resources are at the highest standard

5. To build knowledge and consultancy capacity actively, and Increase research income

6. To increase the number of technologies developed and prototypes tested

7. To increase the transfer of appropriate technologies to the community, the public sector and business in Rwanda

8. To increase the number of undergraduate and postgraduate programs with addition of those most strategic for country development

9. To enhance the enrolment of students from outside the country

10. To promote partnerships with public & private sectors, as well as with other local & international high learning institutions

11. To support staff development and research capacity

12. To attach students to industries and support graduates internship

13. To build and support strong alumni association

14. To promote Education for sustainable development in the school as well as in the whole college and University of Rwanda.