School of Mining and Geology


  • Following approval and support by the government, the University of Rwanda will start a School of Mining and Geology in the College of Science and Technology, beginning academic year 2015/16  by 1st September 2015.
  • The rationale for creation of the School is based on the perceived primary and important role the latter will play in national economic growth through development and support of a strong mining industry.
  • The school is expected to become a center of excellence for mining and geological studies in the region.


The degree course aims to guarantee that the College of Science and Technology continues to offer a world-class Mining degree over the coming years, ensuring that it maintains its current status as offering one of the leading undergraduate degrees in this field.


  • It is known that one  of  the  great  difficulties  of  the  mining  sector  in  Rwanda  is  the  lack  of  up –to-date  information on  its  mining  potential.
  • In order to fill this gap and to attract investors, the school will strengthen geological and mining research through carrying out geological surveys; establishing strong analytical and mineral processing laboratories; producing large scale maps in zones of known potential to strengthen their attractiveness to investors; etc.


  • The school will begin with a strong international showing in order to build up its academic reputation quickly.
  • It will open with 75 students in the 1st year. These include 50 local and 25 international students.
  • It is expected that because of the nature of the program, entrance requirements will likely favor students who have excelled in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.
  • The school of Mining and Geology is expected to become a center of excellence for Mining and Geological studies in the region.
  • The developed curriculum is in direct alignment with the State’s mission to grow the mining industry sector.
  • The program is well structured with a comprehensive scope that encompasses core subject material found in top Geosciences and Mining programs worldwide.

Examples of geophysical equipment

Examples of Geochemical equipment

Diffractometer and microscope equipment

 Typical separation equipment used in mineral processing