Beginning of next year, the SABE – School of Architecture and the Built Environment – will move to his new building which is ending construction now.


One definition of Architecture could be: use constraint as a quality.
Our constraint today is a City Water tank, raised in a tower as you may see it through all the city of Kigali.
This necessary technical element is almost never taken in consideration into a project of Architecture, but most of time, just an object that we try to hide because we cannot find another way.

This Open Competition aims to receive proposals for the dressing, the coating, the integration of this element into an esthaetic and integrative concept.
The proposal should also include a new logo for the SABE.
All realistic and feasable ideas are welcome. Except technical and financial reality, imagination is the ony limit.
Students are welcome on site to visit and / or take pictures each monday from 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM.


1) Competition open to all students from the University of Rwanda – UR from Departments of SABE
2) The proposal can be given by one or a group of students.
3) Proposal to send by mail to before the 20th of December 2017 – midnight.
4) The mail will clearly indicates the name of the bidder(s), including Student number, but the proposal itself will stay anonymous.
5) The proposal will be composed of ONE PDF, containing maximum 3 pages, in paper size A3, and will not exceed 10 Mo.
6) A jury will determine the 3 best projects which will receive a prize, including a financial retriubution for the first (100 $).
7) The best project will be built with the collaboration of the winner.


Landscaping drawing – A2 – scale : 1/2.500 – pdf – dwg

PDF: pdf

DWG: dwg