ACEIoT’s 1st Cohort PhD students attending the First Doctoral Committee (DC) meeting

The Center of Excellence in Internet of Things (ACEIoT) is organizing the first Doctoral Committee (DC) Meeting from 12th to 14th March 2018 where PhD students will present their Research Proposals.

ACEIoT has enrolled 17 PhD students in the 1st cohort, which commenced during October 2017. Each PhD student has been working with her/his PhD Research Proposal under the guidance of a PhD Supervision Team (ST) comprising a minimum of three staff.

The students have to appear for proposal presentation in front of a DC panel comprising of five members of which three are external to the Supervisory Team (ST). Each student has been allocated a separate DC panel related to his/her research area.

The first DC meeting focuses on the PhD Research Proposal Presentations where every student is required to present his/her detailed PhD proposal in front a panel of internal and external experts for further guidance and orientation. The first DC meeting is the first level of assessment for approving the research proposals of the Students as well as allocating the Core Disciplinary Graduate modules, a student has to study related to his/her research area and recommendations for further research. Doctoral Committee (DC) meets three times during a student’s PhD study period.

Here are some of the Snapshots of the event

DC members of the panel and ST members

UR-CST Principal opening the Doctoral Committee meeting

First day Student proposal presentations