Innocent Nkurikiyimfura

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"1) Innocent Nkurikiyimfura, Safari Bonfils and Emmanuel Nshingabigwi, A Simulink model of photovoltaic modules under varying environmental conditions, 2018 4th International conference on Environment and Renewable Energy (ICERE 2018), IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science (EES), 159, 012024.
2) Innocent Nkurikiyimfura, Bonfils Safari and Emmanuel Nshingabigwi,  Long term stability of magnetite nanofluids for solar engineering applications, 9th International Conference of the African Materials Research Society, 9th-14th December 2017, Gaborone, Botswana.
3) Innocent Nkurikiyimfura and Jean D’Amour Kamanzi, Mechanical performances of concrete with granite sawing powder wastes, Africa Engineering Conference, Kigali– Rwanda, 25th– 29th September 2017
4) Innocent Nkurikiyimfura and Antoine de Padoue Shyikira, Photothermal Characteristics of Magnetic Nanofluids for Solar Thermal Applications, International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology (IJERT), Vol. 4 Issue 01, January-2015
5) Yanmin Wang, Innocent Nkurikiyimfura, and Zhidong Pan, Sonochemical synthesis of magnetic nanoparticles, Chemical Engineering communications, 2015, Volume: 202, Issue: 5, Pages: 616-621
6) Zhidong Pan, Innocent Nkurikiyimfura, Minghui Zhou, Yanmin Wang, Huining Huang, Zhiyuan Ling, Thermal Performance of Simulated Direct Absorbing Solar Collector (DASC) with magnetic nanofluids, Journal of ceramic society, 2014,42(4): 522-527 (in Chinese)
7) Zhidong Pan, Innocent Nkurikiyimfura and Yanmin Wang, Increase of thermal conductivity of magnetic nanofluids in external magnetic field, Journal of functional materials, 2013,44(11): 1554-1557 (in Chinese)
8)  Innocent Nkurikiyimfura, Yanmin Wang and Zhidong Pan, (2013), “Effect of chain-like magnetite nanoparticle aggregates on thermal conductivity of magnetic nanofluid in magnetic field”, Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science, Vol. 44, PP: 607–614.
9) Innocent Nkurikiyimfura, Yanmin Wang and Zhidong Pan, (2013), “Heat transfer enhancement by magnetic nanofluids - A review”, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Vol. 21, PP: 548–561
10)  Innocent Nkurikiyimfura, Yanmin Wang and Zhidong Pan and Dawei Hu, Thermal conductivity enhancement of magnetic nanofluids in magnetic fields; Proceedings of International Conference on Materials for Renewable Energy & Environment (ICMREE). Shanghai, China: IEEE; 2011."

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Materials for renewable energy and evironment Climate change: GHG inventory and GHG emissions mitigation Nanotechnology: nanoparticles and nanofluids"