Welcome to the Department of Chemistry

  1. Overview on Department of Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry of the University of Rwanda is delivering BSc Program in Chemistry with three options: Environmental Chemistry, Bioorganic Chemistry and Biochemistry. The objective of the Department is to improve scientific and technological researches which are in conformity with the goals of UR, 2020 Government vision. By studying in the Department of Chemistry of UR, students will not only acquire the fundamental skills necessary to be professional chemist, but also the transferable skills of generalist in sciences, computing, report writing and data analysis. This programme prepares graduates to be high-calibre researcher chemists with a thorough knowledge of both chemistry and related technologies. At the end of their studies, learners get sufficient knowledge allowing them:

For Bioorganic option to:

  1. Work in any laboratory of analysis in organic chemistry
  2. Report on the organic chemistry quality of any given sample
  3. Work in any industry as analyst, quality controller or manufacturing technician. The following industries are among the targeted ones: Brewery, lemonade, food, paint, texture, essential oils, natural compounds, medicinal plants and all other chemical industries.

For Environmental chemistry to:

  1. Work in any laboratory of water and air quality analysis
  2. Report on the quality of water, soil and air
  3. Work in any environmental private or public organisation as an advisors

For Biochemistry to:

  1. Work in any laboratory of biochemical/microbiological analysis
  2. Work in any research centre on the issue of biochemistry
  3. Work in any food processing and biotechnology industry

Due to the high knowledge they have in Chemistry, all BSc chemists can also employed in the area of national education after completing a module on pedagogy.

  1. Research activities

Members of the Department of Chemistry are conducting research activities on the following topics:

  • Environmental analysis and research on decontamination technologies
  • Natural products and environmental friendly biocides
  • Food analysis and food preservation
  • Medical plants and drugs discovery
  1. Laboratory Facilities

The department disposes different laboratory equipment allowing to deliver quality teaching and research activities. Among them include the followings: