Assistant Lecturer

Assistant Lecturer

Denise Uwamariya

1.Multivariate Analysis of Rwanda Economic Indicators Using Vector Autoregressive (VAR) Model          

 2.Bayesian inference approach in modeling and forecasting maize production in Rwanda

Felix Dusabirane

Ab-Initio Study of the Electronic and Optical Properties of Hexagonal and Cubic Ge2Sb2Te5 ; Henry Odhiambo, George Amolo, Nicholas Makau, Felix Dusabirane, Herick Othieno and Andrew Oduor; The African Review of Physics (2015) 

Joseph Ntahompagaze

"1. Joseph Ntahompagaze, Amare Abebe, and Manasse Mbonye. “A study of perturbations in scalar–tensor theory using 1+3 covariant approach”. International Journal of Modern Physics-D Vol. 27 (2018) 1850033.                                                                                                                        
2. Joseph Ntahompagaze, Amare Abebe, and Manasse Mbonye. ""On f(R) gravity in scalar–tensor theories."" International Journal of Geometric Methods in Modern Physics

Cyulinyana Marie Chantal

"1. , Simulation of ground level spectral solar irradiance in Rwanda using LibRadtran.
2.  Surface solar spectrum characteristics in tropics regions with specific reference to Rwanda.
3. Monte Carlo Based Estimation of the effect of different aerosols
on solar irradiance in African atmospheric condition.
4. Reproducing observed solar radiation characteristics in tropical
regions using stochastic theoretical model
5.  Efficiency of solar trough receiver with a Hot mirror compared to selective


 1.  Energy Landscape of Rwanda and Institutional Framework. Journal- Science Publishing Group, 2017.                                      2.  Business models and   innovativeness   of potential renewable energy projects in Africa. Journal- Renewable Energy  2018.