Bachelor in Architecture with Honours

Expected learning outcome

The degree in Architecture at the School of Architecture and Built Environment opens up all activities related to the free profession of architecture, allowing placement in the building and construction sectors, and developing useful skills even at the bigger scales of urban design and urban planning.
The degree in Architecture guarantees a more targeted and extensive preparation in line with the new sensitivity of the current times, which see the architect operate within complex and multi-scale scenarios, and offers professional training aimed at today’s technical skills and responsibilities, particularly linked to respect for the territory and the development of the built environment of the contemporary city.

Modules to be covered per level

Level 1
Basic Design I
History of Architecture I
Visual Studies I
Basic Design II
History of Architecture II
Architectural Mathematics
Visual Studies II
Physical Environment

Level 2
Architectural Design I
History of Architecture III
Building Environmental Science I
Intro to Digital Representation
Sustainable Design Methodologies
Architectural Design II
Architectural Theory I
Building Environmental Science II
Intermediate Digital Representation
Building Technology I

Level 3
Architectural Design III
Architectural Theory II
Structures I
Advanced Digital Representation
Building Technology II
Architectural Design IV
Architectural Theory III
Structures II
Human Settlements
Building Technology III

Level 4
Architectural Design V
Architectural Practice & Entrepreneurship I
Structures III
Urban & Regional Planning
Landscape Design and Urbanism
Industrial Attachment I
Architectural Design VI
Architectural Practice & Entrepreneurship II
Architectural Research Methodologies
Urban Design

Level 5
Architectural Design Thesis 1
Urban Anthropology
Industrial Attachment II
Architectural Design Thesis 2


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