About counselling desk

04 Oct 2022

College Counselling Desk:

The life of a college student is not always easy.
Some times our students especially new admitted feel overwhelmed confused, stressed, depressed with their personal, family, social and academic concerns. And this affects negatively, their wellbeing, and academic performance.
Therefore, we help them by providing individual and group counselling sessions.
We also offer educational programs through campaigns, in order to ensure their wellbeing and their academic success.

Even they use generic counselling services, students with disabilities get
Special counselling services in order to encourage them and to help them to have a sense of belonging to an intellectual and social community.
We also take care of them by providing personal assistance according to the level and type of disability.

If a student requires counselling services that are beyond of what we can provide or if he/she is experiencing a serious mental health illness, we often make referrals to health community providers or national referral hospitals.


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