Bachelor in Environmental Planning

19 Oct 2022

Expected learning outcome

Apply the scientific and professional conceptions and tools of environmental planning and management as components of sustainable development.
They will be capable to : develop, operate and apply environmental planning tools and information systems for planning of natural resources (urban and rural) by adoption of information and communication technology tools ; coordinate action plans related to local economic development, environmental-oriented project planning and implementation, develop and execute an environmental planning related research proposal, to derive and write a research report, and disseminate research findings. Graduates from this program will be marketable as geographers, researchers, consultants, trainers or managers in environment-related governmental and non-governmental institutions.

Modules to be covered per level

Year 1
CT and study skills , English for special purpose, English for special purpose, Geomorphology, Introduction to human geography, Physics and chemistry for geography, Climatology and hydrology, Rural spaces, Urban spaces, Citizenship and Transformative Education, Statistics for geography, Geographical thought and approaches to science and Introduction to Geo-science and cartography.

Year 2
English for academic purpose ; Regional Geography ; Research methods and statistics ; Advanced GIS, Geography of Rwanda ; Principles of land administration ; Introduction to spatial planning ; Principles of remote sensing ; Regional ecology and environmental degradation ; Local economic development ; Natural resources planning and management ; Hazards and disaster risk analysis and management ; Research project for environmental management.

Year 3
GIS for environmental management ; Environment, climate change & sustainable development ; Hydrology and watershed management ; Project planning and management ; Entrepreneurship ; Ecosystems Assessment, Valuation and Management ; Environmental planning and management ; Professional practice and internship ; and Final research project.


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