Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering -Plant Engineering Option( MEE -Plant)

21 Oct 2022

Expected learning outcome

The intended learning outcomes of the programme: (as they are stated in Program specifications);
At the end of the programme, students should be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of:
A1. Mathematics and sciences relevant to Mechanical engineering
A2 The fundamental concepts, principles and theories of mechanical engineering.
A3. Energy, design and manufacture at a specialist level.
A4. The principles of Mechanical design including an awareness of codes of practice.
A5. The professional, legal and ethical engineering activity.
A6. The environment and social impact of mechanical engineering activity.
A7. Business and management practices, including finance, law, marketing and quality management relevant to mechanical engineering.
A8. The fundamental concepts, principles and theories of civil, Plant, electrical, electronic and Production/manufacturing engineering systems
A9. The commercial and financial constraints that engineers may have to work under
A10. Produce graduates with an appreciation of procedures for Mechanical equipment maintenance
A11. The limits of their knowledge, and how this may affect analyses of, and solutions to engineering problems
A12. Carry out Plant layout of a plant, design, install, electrical and utility services.
A13. Understand different types of control systems and instruments used in the plant.
A14. Know the type of Maintenance and replacement to be done in the plant system
A15. Understand Performance measurement and Forecasting techniques as used to optimize operation of the organization
A16. Follow safe work practices and adhere to all company guidelines and policies for planning and executing work in a safe manner

Modules to be covered per level

Year 1 – Plant Engineering

Chemistry for Engineers
ICT Skills
Citizenship and Transformative Education
Mathematics for Engineers I
Engineering Drawing &CAD
Engineering Mechanics
Physics for Engineers I
Workshop Technology II (Machine Tools)
Computer Programming in C
Basics of Electronics and Electrical Engineering
English for General purposes
Mathematics for Engineers II
Design project I
Engineering Thermodynamics I
Workshop Technology II (Machine Tools)
Physics for Engineers II

Year 2- Plant Engineering

Elementary Fluid Mechanics
Material Science
Strength of Materials
Kinematics of Machines
Production Technology I
Design Project II
Advanced Fluid Mechanics
Engineering Materials and Metallurgy
Solid and Structural Mechanics
Production Technology II
Engineering Thermodynamics II
English for Specific Purposes

Year 3 – Plant Engineering
Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems
Measurement, Instrumentation and Computer Interfacing
Machine Elements & Design
Engineering Operations Management (Including Quality Control)
Heat and mass transfer
Finite Element Analysis and Applications
Research Methodology
Entrepreneurship Development
Dynamics of Machines
Mechanical Vibration
Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing
Maintenance Management and Reliability of Mechanical systems
Fundamentals of Mechanical Plant systems
Engineering Project Management

Year 4 – Plant Engineering
Engineering Ethics & Professional Conduct
Alternative Energy Engineering
Internal Combustion Engines
Gas Dynamics and Jet Propulsion
Environmental Management
Engineering Economics & Finance for Engineers
Non-Conventional Energy Resources
Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning
Power Plant Systems and operating Machines
Industrial attachment
Final Research Project


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