Bachelor in Urban Planning

19 Oct 2022

Expected learning outcome

Graduates in BSc Programme in Urban Planning will be equipped with a scientific and professional knowledge and skills in urban and regional planning. They will be able to prepare urban plans and district spatial development plans ; coordinate urban development in terms of stakeholder analysis ; prepare and implement urban development plans, and apply the geospatial tools and techniques for solving the spatial planning problems.
They should be able to guide, administer and manage the transfers of ownership and use of land, buildings and real estate, land dispute resolutions.
They will advise and support the public and private land developers and local governments on all issues related to spatial planning , participate in elaboration of infrastructure and services plans and management plans ; coordinate the action plans related urban strategic planning ; Graduates will be marketable as geographers, urban and spatial planners in governmental institutions or private companies which can also facilitate the creation of new jobs in of urban and regional planning field.

Modules to be covered per level

Year 1
ICT and study skills , English for special purpose, English for special purpose, Geomorphology, Introduction to human geography, Physics and chemistry for geography, Climatology and hydrology, Rural spaces, Urban spaces, Citizenship and Transformative Education, Statistics for geography, Geographical thought and approaches to science and Introduction to Geo-science and cartography.

Year 2
English for academic purpose, Regional geography, Research methods and statistics, Advanced GIS, Geography of Rwanda, Principles of land administration, Introduction to spatial planning, Principles of remote sensing, Urban and Regional planning Theory, Local economic development Methods and techniques in urban and regional planning, Land and housing, Research Project for urban planners.

Year 3

Urbanization, climate change and sustainable development ; Project planning and management ; Services and infrastructure planning and management ; GIS for urban and Regional planning ; Entrepreneurship, Urban Design ; Environmental planning and management, Professional practice and internship, Final Research Project.


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