Expected Learning Outcome

This program is part of a cooperative program of the school of ICT of the University of Rwanda, and focuses on the applications of information technology in Industry, Government, Non-Government and Business, and should result into an exciting career in those areas. Also, in line with the aspirations of the Vision 2020 for the Republic of Rwanda., the program seeks to provide an education in Information Technology of International standards, and is in conformity with the road map, guidelines and Implementation procedures established by the Government of Rwanda through its National Information and Communication Infrastructure plans of 2001.
At the end of the program learners should be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of:
• The application and impact of Information Technology based solutions to real life problems
• The fundamentals of Computer programming; the techniques used to develop Information Technology solutions.
• Current trends, technologies, products, and practices in Information Technology.
• Fundamental skills in mathematics, physics, computer hardware, databases and web technologies.
• Rudimentary but functional understanding of an Information Technology System
• Basic problem solving skills
• Computer hardware structures and components
• Strategies for purchasing and installing hardware and software in the customized building of a computer.
• The fundamental premises of Information technology and how to create and troubleshoot IT systems implementations.
• Legal implications of IT practices and implementations
Exit award: Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Information Technology (BSCIT)

Covered modules

Year 1
English for Specific Purposes-Mathematics for Engineers I-Physics for Engineers-PC Hardware-ICT Skills-Information Systems and Technology-IT Essentials I-Fundamentals of Multimedia-English for Science and Technology-Computer Programming C-Engineering Drawing and CAD-Mathematics II-Introduction to Electrical & Electronic Systems-Principles of Accounting-IT Essentials II-Introduction to computer hardware and Maintenance-Operating systems and mobile devices.

Year 2
English for Academic purposes I-Database Systems I-Web Technology-Advanced Computer Programming in C++-Operating Systems-Human Computer Interaction-GIS geographic info systems-English for Academic purposes II-Database Systems II-Systems Analysis & Design-Digital & Electronic Circuits-Legal and Ethical issues in IT-Information Systems Security-IT Project Management-Network basics-Routing and switching technologies.

Year 3
Business Management in IT -Data Communication & Networking-Interactive Web Development-NET Application development-Data mining & Warehousing-Software Engineering-Mobile Application development-IT innovation and Entrepreneurship-System Modeling and Simulation-Research Methodology-Industrial Attachment-Advanced LAN and Wireless-WAN technologies and Troubleshooting.

Year 4
Data Structures and Algorithms with Java-Wireless Networks-Artificial Intelligence & Expert Systems-Statistical Analysis for IT-Research Project 1-Marketing for IT-System Administration with Linux-Cloud computing-Cyber Security-Research Project 2-Remedial and Special Exams


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