Call for Training workshop programme on Integrated Groundwater Resources Management and Biodiversity in Rwanda

09 Dec 2019

Dates: 11-13 December 2019


Biodiversity is defined as the diversity of life from genes, species, populations, ecosystems to communities and landscapes, and the interactions between species. Biodiversity both supports and comes from functioning ecosystems. Biodiversity provides the ecosystem services upon which humans rely. These services include pollination services so that people can grow crops and obtain food security, seed dispersal services so that trees will continue to regenerate and provide carbon sequestration services and food for people and wildlife, and many, many other services. Biodiversity generates revenue in the form of nature-based tourism, clean water provisioning, erosion control, carbon sequestration, pollution control, and many others. Biodiversity data are needed for achieving food security, resilience to climate change, sustainable nature-based tourism, climate smart agriculture, and multidimensional poverty indices, to name a few. The data are needed to map, monitor and model changes in biodiversity. This workshop will provide a foundation in biodiversity monitoring and mapping, and will also include a focus on biosphere reserves, as protected areas are the main tool we have to protect
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