29 Sep 2022

Tel: 0788244879
Email: Celestinhategeka1@gmail.com

Responsibilities :

-  Diagnose malfunctioning systems and components, using test equipment and hand and power tools to locate the cause of breakdown and correct the problem;

-  Replace defected / burn-out electrical fixtures, fittings and appliances ;

-  Plan layout and installation of electrical wiring, equipment and fixture, based on job specification and codes;

-  Practice proper work methods and techniques at all times to ensure safe work practices and procedures;

-  Install, replace and maintain conduit and wire, checking periodically and repairing as needed.

-  Perform preventative electrical maintenance across campuses, replacing breakers and other equipment as needed.

-  Use standard trade tools and testing equipment such as volt-ohm meter, ammeter, multi-meter, etc. appropriately and safely;

-  Installation, tuning, and operation of sound and video equipment

-  Perform other duties as assigned.


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