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Consolee MUKAMWEZI, Masters in Public Health
Email: consoleemukamwezi@gmail.com

Responsibilities :

-  Outlines safe operational procedures which identify and take account of all relevant hazards;

-  Prepares and maintains inspection records and produces reports that suggest improvements;

-  Advises on health and safety aspects in the planning and execution of college events;

-  Monitor on daily basis cleaning services;

-  Ensure that the equipment of fighting against fire are properly functioning and staff are aware of what to do in an emergency;

-  Provide facilitation and supports (such as cleaning services, utilities, venue organization, sound systems ….) for organized events to ensure that they are properly conducted;

-  Provide monthly progress report on the Action Plan for my unit

-  Inspect the workplace for potential hazards, identify potential hazards, assess the risk and report potential hazard;

-  Improve Campus lawn and landscaping by planting new garden species;

-  Perform other duties as assigned.


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