Expected Learning Outcome

25 Jun 2019

Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Computer and Software Engineering is a four-Year programme of 480 credits split into twelve (12) Trimesters and five levels. The first level covers common and introductory modules of 120 credits which are compulsory to all students, level two covers both common and uncommon modules of 120 credits.

Level thee (3), four (4) and five (5) covers specialization modules of 240 credits. Below is a breakdown of modules and credits.

At the end of the programme learners should be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of :
• Mathematics and sciences relevant to computer engineering.
• The fundamental concepts, principles and theories of computing.
• Design and development of hardware and software at a specialist level.
• The principles of design and development including an awareness of standards of practice.
• The professional, legal and ethical responsibilities of a computer engineer.
• The environmental and social impact of computer engineering activity.
• Business and management techniques relevant to computer engineering.
• Quality and benchmarks in computer software and software development.


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