29 Sep 2022

Civil Engineer
Office email: dasm.nyarugenge@ur.ac.rw
Personal email: hgaetan12@gmail.com
Tel: 0788255556

Responsibilities :

-  Ensure (buildings, grounds, landscape, equipment, car fleet) are well maintained and repaired Consolidate all plans of construction, installation, repairing and maintenance works;
-  Determination and Specification of construction methods and quality standards;
-  Providing technical assistance in elaboration of specifications of construction, maintenance and other related works;
-  Providing technical assistance in elaboration of specifications of construction materials, electrical and plumbing materials, office furniture and materials related to the estate.
-  Monitoring the contract execution and verify the invoices from contractors for their payment;
-  Ensure that University assets are valuated, recorded and codified;
-  Maintain UR assets register;
-  To be member of the disposal committee of UR Colleges/campuses and provide advises about how disposal would be conducted successfully
-  Ensure cleanness at the college by working with cleaning companies
-  Ensure the safety of the workplace by working with security company
-  Repair broken assets, putting them in order and providing all the necessary advice the Campus Administrator on the proper management of the University assets
-  Manage fleet for field trips and campus operations;
-  Make requests for maintenance of college buildings, properties and vehicles, and oversees the implementations of requested maintenance services;
-  Allocate offices to the staff;
-  Ensuring unceased supply of utilities ( water and electricity) and verifiy their bills;
-  Perform other duties as assigned.


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