30 Sep 2022

- Provide advice to line managers on best practice in all aspects of employment, including policies and legislation;
- Analyze Job requirements, Organize Job evaluation and prepare Job descriptions;
- Elaborate and update Organizational Structure of the Institution;
- Manage administrative files of Employees of the College;
- Coordinate periodic staff performance appraisal/evaluation exercises;
- Coordinate the elaboration and ensure Monitoring of Staff Performance Contracts;
- Assess training needs and establish the human resources development plan for Head office approval;
- Coordinate and Monitor the implementation of college capacity development plans; - Initiate budget proposals for the HR Department;
- Manage recruitment and placement standards, procedures, and practices;
- Examine and handle complaints from college's staff;
- Provide advisory service to all employees on human Resource policies and procedures;
- Provide Advocacy to college's staff on HRM issues
- Manage annual Leaves and record absence levels in each department and provide the related statistical data to managers;
- Maintain employee safety, welfare, wellness and health


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