Kunde Jean Claude.

Last update : 2022-12-14 14:20:15

Kunde Jean Claude.

Eng.Kunde is the laboratory technician of Mechanical and Energy Engineering in the school of Engineering, UR-College of Science and Technology.He starts by having secondary certificate in motor vehicle mechanics in 2013, and He holds a BSc. degree in mechanicalEngineering from University of Rwanda College of Science and Technologyin 2018, he has experience in mechanical and electrical maintenance, and is the member of intuitions of engineers Rwanda as graduate engineer and Eng.kunde has trained in different categories and attend different seminars like trainingof Google digitalskills2019, onlinetrainingof managingsafety2021,trainingofsoftskills andwork readiness2021,trainingontransformingfoodsystem2022 , and seminar on sports facility management, seminar on leather production and processing for developing countries.


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