MSc Biomedical Engineering

. MSc Biomedical Engineering:
1. BME6161: General Human Anatomy and Physiology
2. BME6162: Biomedical measurements technology
3. BME6163: Advanced Embedded Systems Applications
4. BME6164: Biomaterials & Tissue Engineering
5. BME6165: Biomechanics and Biorobotics
6. BME6166: Project Management and entrepreneurship;
7. BME6261: Advanced Research methodology;
8. BME6262: Medical Imaging Systems;
9. BME6263: Medical Image Processing;
10. BME6264: Healthcare Technology Management (HTM);
11. BME6265: Medical Device Development;
12. BME6361: Dissertation part 1 (proposal development);
13. BME6362: Orthopedic and mobility devices Engineering;
14. BME6363: BioMEMS Design and Applications;
15. BME6364: Industrial attachment;
16. BME6461: Dissertation part 2


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