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Mr. Jean Pierre MUTUYIMANA completed Bachelor of Sciences in Engineering Degree in the Departement of Mechanical Engineering at Kigali Institute of Science and Technology, Rwanda in November 2011. He earned his Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) from Germany’s University of Applied Science (Hochschule Kaiserslautern) in 2017. His main field of study is Mechanical Engineering/Mechatronics with specialization in Mechanical Engineering. From February 2012 until February 2015 he worked as Assistant Lecturer ( Electrical Department, within a unit of Industrial Automation) at Integrated Polytechnic Regional College Kigali. His teaching here involved robotics, industrial automation and control systems, CAD-CAM, Mechanical Utility Systems and Engineering Mechanics.
November 2015 up to November 2017 he joined Integrated Miniaturized System in Chemical Process in microsystem Technology as Research Assistant. Here his research includesd 3D-CAD/FEM (Development and Construction of Wear Test and Construction of Microsystems).
Since November 2018, he become a production Manager in Strawtec Building Solution Ltd where he was in charge of production, Raw materials, Quality Control, Maintenance and R&D on production process. He is also certified as Occupational Safety and Health Manager.
Since November 2020, He joined University of Rwanda as Assistant Lecturer at College of Science and Technology in the Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering. His reserch interests are Product design, Product Development, Finite-Element based Simulation, Material and Process Characterization.


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