Mr. MUHIRWA Antoine

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Mr. MUHIRWA Antoine

Mr. MUHIRWA Antoine. Specialization: Urban & Regional Planning and Design; Co-creation and Design Thinking
Rank: Assistant Lecturer
Contacts: 0788519446

Mr. Muhirwa is a Rwandan expert in Urban & Regional Planning and Design; Co-creation and Design with an extensive international experience in Participatory Community Planning and Design, Urban Sustainability, Strategic Urban Planning, Slum Upgrading, and Construction Project Management. He was in the team that initiated 1.0 version of UN- HABITAT platform of MyPSUP for Participatory Slum Upgrading Program for Africa. It has been in use in Africa, Caraibe and Pacific Countries. Through Rwanda Local Government Association (RALGA) and its partners, he team led the elaboration of the Current National Guidelines for Participatory Land Readjustment for Rwanda. When it comes to green community housing development, he has been a Team Leader of Talent Contractors Ltd - Rwanda where he led the design of the participatory detailed physical plans for GICUMBI Climate Resilient Human Settlements; a Rwanda Green Fund (FONERWA) Project funded by the Green Climate Fund (GCF). In addition to this, he was an Urban Planner/Slum Upgrading Expert for IMC Worldwide for the GGGI Project of « Developing Rwandan Secondary Cities as Model Green Cities with Green Economic Opportunities ». For the moment he has Slum Upgrading initiatives like Community Create Jobs and Yee (Youth Empowerment)!!! Slum Upgrading.

Antoine started his career in 2005 with ECAD (Entreprise de Construction et Amenagement Divers) where he was a Junior Consultant in Urban Planning and Environmental Management. His main role was to analyze worldwide best practices in participatory and environmental-friendly slum upgrading with the aim of finding the best approaches of upgrading informal settlements in Kigali. This ended up with an “ECAD door to door slum upgrading project.” Antoine has worked on different Community Planning Projects for marginalized communities, such as the Housing and Poverty Reduction Projects of APPR (Association des potiers progressistes au Rwanda). At International level, he participated in the elaboration of Strategic and Structural Plans for Deventer City in The Netherlands; Cape Town Densification Programme in South Africa and Camdeboo Community Design – South Africa. Currently, he is interested in the interaction of slums and rural communities, and he believes that if African slums and rural areas dwellers are well organized into Spatial Development Organizations and that the interaction between the two is well guided by sustainable urban planning principles, African slums will quickly get improved and rurban areas will also acknowledge a fast targeted urbanization.


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