Laidlaw scholarship-winning students kick off mentorship programme to advance their projects

The University of Rwanda-College of Science and Technology witnessed the official unveiling of Laidlaw Undergraduate Research, networking and Leadership scholarship. The Programme was kicked off with a training which brought together ten best students competitively selected to benefit from 2019 Laidlaw Programme. The training is organized in form of mentorship and will help them to become future leaders and fulfil their true potential in their chosen career. It was facilitated by Mr Paolo Giuricich, an Organisation Development consultant at Smarter EQ in South Africa. To qualify for the...

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UR-CST scientists gain Python programming skills under the facilitation of PWSAfrica

Scientists’ students and faculty at the College of Science and Technology, University of Rwanda will tomorrow complete a 2 week intensive training to advance skills in Python programming. The training is facilitated by a team from Programming Workshop for Scientists in Africa- PWSAfrica at the University of Glasgow in Scotland. By introducing the Python programming language through a hands-on approach focused on problem-solving, PWSAfrica initiative intends to provide fundamental skills meant to empower UR scientists to become competitive in their professional careers. Sofiat Olaosebikan...

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FEMENG initiative between UR and Glasgow University gains momentum

A group of young students from Glasgow University grouped into Female Engineering-FEMENG came to Rwanda to meet their FemEng counterparts at the University of Rwanda. The visit is in line with a collaborative initiative with the University of Rwanda to encourage participation of young women in science and engineering fields. Lydie Irababarira ; a student at the College of Science and Technology, University of Rwanda and FEMENG leader at Rwandan side noted that joining the group was motivated by insights and clear vision that FEMENG provide about the importance of science studies among...

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Agricultural practitioners and stakeholders meet to discuss the use of geospatial data to enhance food security

Agricultural practitioners and stakeholders were gathered at the College of Science and Technology do discuss ways to apply geospatial science to support decision making in the field of food security towards sustainable Agricultural development. The workshop was organized by the UR GIS & Remote Sensing Centre in line with AfriCultuReS project Participants in the workshop The workshop was intended to gain understanding of the tools under development by the potential users and gather their inputs. According to organizers, collection of data would serve stakeholders and users...

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Prof. Marwala elucidates the benefits behind the application of Artificial Intelligent

Prof Tshilidzi Marwala the Vice Chancellor of the University of Johannesburg in South Africa called on University of Rwanda (UR) community to start applying Artificial Intelligence-AI in their work in order to cope up with the Fourth Industrial Revolution-4IR which globally drive all economies. The call was made during a public lecture that took place on 6th August, 2019 at University of Rwanda College of Science and Technology. AI is a technology where one gives machines the thinking capacity as human beings and perform activities as people do. This type of technology can work 24 hours...

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UR-CST team up with telecom companies to empower students with fiber optic skills

For six time in a row, the University of Rwanda College of Science and Technology organized a training workshop to equip students with industrial practical skills and field experience. On this occasion, the training was facilitated by Liquid Telecom and KT Rwanda Networks to equip students with fiber optic skills. The move was initiated by the College in order to revitalize the academia-industry partnership for graduates to be competitive on labor market. Among students who participated in training include Henry Christian Hirwa who is a level 4-student in electronics and...

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