Pierre Celestin HAKUZIMANA

Last update : 2022-09-29 13:08:38

Pierre Celestin HAKUZIMANA

Pierre Celestin HAKUZIMANA
Email: hakuzapeter@gmail.com

Responsibilities :

-  Inspect, maintain, service, and repair all plumbing systems to ensure a safe and sanitary environment including, but not limited to: valves, sinks, faucets, drinking fountains, and all associated piping.
-  Perform a variety of skilled plumbing tasks including the testing and repair of backflows, malfunctions, as well as developing a plan of action to resolve problems.
-  Ensure roof and floor drains are cleared of debris and fully operational at all times.
-  Operate and oversee the use, care, and operation of a variety of maintenance-related hand tools and power equipment including pipe threading, soldering equipment…..
-  Practice proper work methods, techniques, and compliance with applicable standards and specifications.
-  Survey the plumbing infrastructure around campuses and document complete plumbing utilities system.
-  Ensure all installations, repairs and maintenance meet environmental protection requirements;
-  Perform other duties as assigned.


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