The Role of Chemistry in the Sustainable Development of Rwanda

09 Jan 2020


University of Rwanda - College of Science and Technology

Theme: The Role of Chemistry in the Sustainable Development of Rwanda.

VENUE: Einstein Block, UR-CST

14th January 2019

TIME: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

The workshop aims to discuss on:


  1. Solid wastes management: Problems and some proposed solutions
  2. Water and Food contamination: Plausible solutions.


Remarking that some of the research findings are kept in the library and/or in the journals, thus not taken into consideration by end users. The Department of Chemistry of the University of Rwanda organizes the workshop to share with different stakeholders some of the research outcomes which need special attention to protect humanity. This event will be a platform for participants to discuss the current situation, challenges, way forward in the fields of wastes management and water/food contamination and to propose mitigation measures. The workshop will be also an opportunity for our students to show their innovations in chemistry and thus to inspire both high school students and stakeholders. 


Come and Enjoy the Science for Life. 

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Contact persons

Prof. Theoneste MUHIZI, HoD Chemistry, email: 
tmuhizi@ur.ac.rw, Tel: 0785319618

Dr. Gratien Habarurema, email: 
habatheos@gmail.com, Tel: 0788887035 


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