University of Rwanda administrative officials visit senior six leavers at National Service (Urugerero)

18 Jun 2019

On Monday 4th June 2018 a delegation from the University of Rwanda visited the senior six leavers at National service in the Gasabo District to talk to them A to Z on how to register and study at the University.

483 students who completed secondary and vocational training education attended the National service organized by National Itorero Commission among which 235 are girls and 248 boys.

Urugerero (national service) used to exist in ancient Rwanda where parents would send their sons to a state-run training camp. Since there was no formal education, the training centres were used to transmit the basics of life needed to pass into manhood.

Today all senior six leavers attend the Urugerero to find out the problems faced by the country to attain sustainable development.

Ambassador Dr. Charles Murigande Deputy Vice Chancellor Institutional Advancement University of Rwanda (UR) said “the Rwandan Government gave us a task to be among the best Universities in the region in Research, solving the problems faced by the world for instance global warming, and produce graduates equipped with required skills on the job market. We have reached a valuable level in the journey to good work and this was evident after winning the World Bank competition that offered us money to start four centers of excellence, he added.

He continued saying that in all the Universities that competed it’s only the UR that was given four centers of excellence.

Kanamugire Damascene site manager at Urugerero said that Itorero has helped the participants to know that even though they are the best performers in school, they should have the notion on how to do charitable and to helping vulnerable families, sensitizing the community on development policies, community work among others in the journey to attain sustainable development in Rwanda.

“We have reached 80% finishing four houses that will accommodate eight families where each house will shelter two families”, he added.

Naika Arnold a student at National service said “this activity has helped me in clearly understanding where Rwanda is coming from and where it is heading to and values, culture of our country”

The students at the National service were selected from the three Districts of Kigali city, Kicukiro, Gasabo and Nyarugenge District. They selected three best performers in National exams in their respective cells each district.

Article by: Mugabo Arafat, SJC

Edited by: UR Communication Team


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