Useful documents like policies, forms.. (if any)

1. University of Rwanda Students Welfare policy. As adopted by UR-Board of Governors on 19,July,2019. 2. Policy on Student Conduct and Discipline. Approved by the Board of Governors meeting of 22nd February,2018. 3. The above documents are found on UR-website.

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Community outreach

UR operates in partnership with the community, where it is located. Students are facilitated by management to reach out to the community. Organized groups reach out and provide assistance to vuranarable members of the community.

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About counselling desk

College Counselling Desk: The life of a college student is not always easy. Some times our students especially new admitted feel overwhelmed confused, stressed, depressed with their personal, family, social and academic concerns. And this affects negatively, their wellbeing, and academic performance. Therefore, we help them by providing individual and group counselling sessions. We also offer educational programs through campaigns, in order to ensure their wellbeing and their academic success. Even they use generic counselling services, students with disabilities get Special...

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About Student health services

UR.Clinic here to provide nursing support services: 1. To prevent and treat medical conditions that affects the health of students, to optimize their academic performance, by reducing absenteeism from classes by providing quick services within the campus and responding quickly to medical emergencies, Initial medical services:(Vital signs monitoring, Pregnancy test, Malaria test, HIV test, wound care dressing &suture, Drug prescriptions&injections……), health education, counseling and follow up of chronic illnesses are provided. 2. Providing nursing support services to the college...

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Information on accommodation (capacity, requirement )

About Hostels: 1.Every beginning of the academic year, UR release a link for application. 2. student fill information 3. waiting to be Admitted after applying . 4. Committee on accommodation select students. Priority is given to students living with disability, International students and level one female students etc . 5. The list of successful applicants is uploaded on the collage website two weeks before the start of the academic year. 6. Successful Applicants pay on the college bank account. 7. UR – cannot accommodate all...

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1. Promote the general welfare of the students. 2. Induction of new students. 3. Basic medical Care and Education. 4. Games, Sports, Culture and Leisure. 5. We offer Counselling Service. 6. Offer accommodation. 7.Supervise Restaurant Services. 8. We coordinate all the above service

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