Vision, Mission and core values

20 May 2019

UR-CST’s Vision is to be an internationally renowned and regionally engaged African University. With the aim of delivering programmes of academic learning to the highest international standards, engaged in world class fundamental, strategic and applied research and providing services to the community and business whilst remaining true to our commitment to be responsive to the needs of Rwanda.

While our Mission as laid down in our Statute is:

1. To equip students with advanced skills with a view to increasing manpower and capacity for national development.

2. To promote research, based on the disciplines offered at UR-CST.

3. To disseminate the results of research through teaching, seminars, conferences, public lectures, publications and other appropriate means.

4. To provide consultancy services to government, industry, the private sector and the community at large.

5. To engage in income-generating activities with a view to creating awareness of lucrative investment.

6. To collaborate with other academic, professional, technical and research institutions in and outside Rwanda for educational and technological development.

7. To develop and promote close collaboration with the private sector and the community so as to enrich UR-CST’s programmes.

8. To make provision for the advancement, transmission and preservation of knowledge and to sustain intellectual life in Rwanda.

9. To contribute to the cultural, civic and moral training of its students and to participate actively in the economic and socio-cultural development of the country.


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