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IEEE President Karen Bartleson gave a public lecture at UR-Nyarugenge Campus

On 8th May 2017, the University of Rwanda was privileged to host the President of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. The public talk was attended by the UR Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of academic affairs Prof. Nelson Ijumba, together with the host Principal of the College of Science and Technology Dr. Ignace Gatare, academic staff of the College and students.

Dr. Ignace Gatare making introductory remarks at the lecture.

Karen Bartleson believes that in a world of increasing global connectivity, science and engineering are fundamental enterprises, for which openness, international collaboration, and the free flow of ideas and talented individuals are essential to advancement. Every country benefits from attracting, and competing for, the best and brightest scientists and engineers from around the world to study, teach, conduct and collaborate on research, innovate new technologies, and start commercial endeavors. Science and engineering lead to enhancements in quality of life and ultimately build economic prosperity.

Karen Bartleson making her presentation.

Her presentation to the audience of scientists and engineers covered mainly the following:

▸ Asking for opportunities
▸ Expand our skills
▸ Have courage
▸ Recognize our strengths
▸ Diversity and inclusion
▸ Discuss the issues
▸ Identify opportunities
▸ Develop solutions
▸ Build visibility
▸ Mutually beneficial
▸ Connect locally and globally

IEEE, is a large, global technical professional organization with over 420,000 members in more than 190 countries, is dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity.

More Photos:

A group photo of the guest speaker, senior UR managers and some of the students.
Staff and students of CST following the proceedings
Dr. Ignace Gatare, Prof. Ijumba and Prof. Ntagwirumugara following the presentation.
Participants had a chance to have their interventions and seek clarifications from the presenter.



Photo coverage and story by:
May Ndahura and Eric Mugisha
UR-Corporate Communications Office.


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