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A brief welcome note by the Dean
Welcome to the School of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) webpage. The School of ICT is among the five schools of College of Science and Technology (CST), University of Rwanda (UR). Our School aims at producing competent and skillful graduates catering to the demands of the rewarding ICT job market in various industry sectors.

ICT is the backbone and an essential element of most businesses today. It provides impetus to the day-to-day business functions by allowing for better cross departmental or organizational collaboration and communication, more effective streamlining of business processes, better management of human and material resources, and better facilitation of human system interaction through the implementation of integrated, efficient, and reliable information systems.

More importantly, ICT literally opens up the access to a whole world of information, a fact that has fundamentally changed the way we live. ICT knowledge areas include computer software and hardware, networking, information management and security, database management systems, wireless communication, the Internet, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and embedded electronic devices, just to name a few. Each of these knowledge areas has seen constant and revolutionary developments almost every day for the past few decades.

In fact, the ICT field will continue to make substantial progress in the foreseeable future. The prospects of a career in the ICT area are simply enormous given the heavy reliance of business and individual activities on ICT. In fact, ICT graduates can be employed in a wide range of industry sectors including software development, technical consulting, telecommunication, web design and development, banking and finance, manufacturing, biotechnology, healthcare, etc

Dean of the school.


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