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Denis Ndanguza, PhD

Welcome note

Thank you for your interest in the School of Science at University of Rwanda, College of Science and Technology. Deciding to pursue a serious learning endeavour in science subjects is an important life choice. It is a very wise investment in yourself and, probably, the best thing you can do to create exciting new professional opportunities. There are so many exciting and fulfilling initiatives taking place in our school as we strive to achieve and maintain excellence in our missions of education, research and service to community.

The School is deeply committed to educating outstanding students to become skilled scientists and leaders in their fields, who will, in turn, change the lives of people they serve in our local and national communities. In the school of Science, we teach and mentor our students in the daily life at University. We provide education and training in Undergraduate, Masters and PhD levels in all departments. The School has four departments, namely, department of Biology, department of Chemistry, department of Mathematics, and Department of Physics. I can say that what makes our school exceptional are the programmes within the departments and staffs integrated into regional and international research groups and who have carried out consultancies for national and international organizations. They are dedicated to help our aspiring students to become the compassionate, highly skilled science providers of tomorrow.
I invite you to learn more about the departments, programs that comprise the School of Science and to learn how it lives the mission of the University. We are continually striving to make each program better – better in terms of content and updated pedagogical methods. As we are convinced that technology and innovation will continue to increase the pace of change, we feel that it is important that our graduates leave our programs with a keen understanding of how both will combine to increasingly affect our work and private lives.

The postgraduate programmes offered by our school are: MSc in applied mathematics, MSc in Atmospheric and Climate Sciences, MSc in Biodiversity Conservation and Natural Resource Management, MSc in environmental Chemistry; PhD by research in Biological Sciences, PhD by research in Chemistry, PhD by research in Physics and PhD by Coursework in Mathematics.

Our goal is to contribute to the sustainable development of human society through the research and educational activities. I hope that you will join us and open new paths for the future.

I encourage you to visit the Nyarugenge campus and meet our School in Muhabura block. We are confident that our programs will meet your professional and scientific aspirations.
Dean of School


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