School of Mining and Geology

Prof Digne Rwabuhungu

Welcome note

University of Rwanda School of mining and Geology was established since 2015 by Government of Rwanda in its initiative of promoting mining sectors, it is a school with multitask of training professionals mining engineers
and Earth Scientists.As Rwanda Mines, Petroleum and Gas Board (RMB) was established in February 2017 with a mission of transforming the mining sector, for a long time Rwanda Mining sector have not had sufficient training facilities for professionals in various disciplines of mining, but training was included in the vision of transforming the mining sector.

The rationale for the creation of SMG was based on the perceived primary and important role the school would play in national economic ground through development and support of a strong mining industry specifically in
proving skilled labours. it is expected to become a centre of excellence for mining and geological studies in the region. SMG has now different achievements and contributions to mining sector where mineral exploration, mineral processing, mine safety, environmental protection has been improved. School Is considered as the sources of qualified Mining engineers ready to shape the Mining sector in the region and, Earth scientists to signify Geological studies.


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