A Conducive learning environment!

19 Apr 2022

We knew at the very beginning that without having a safe and caring environment, learning would almost be impossible because students learn better when they are in a very conducive environment.

The eco-friendly university environment setting makes a tremendous impact on students’ health and learning. We have established learning environments in all our campus wherein students feel physically, psychologically, socially secure. Our priority number one is to ensure that students in the bounds of the University feel safe and cared for.

The faculty and student relationships help students to adhere to acceptable levels of conduct while the university on the other hand maintain discipline measures that enhance proper learning environment to students.

We have encouraged students to be part and parcel of decision making process, policy development and validation. In doing so, students develop the spirit of ownership and the level to abide with the University regulations and code of conduct is very high.

We have also dedicated faculties that have moved away from the tradition classroom setup and adapted Challenge Driven Education- An approach to increase students’ impact to community.

Challenge driven Education method increases students’ passion to learn because students feel useful and connected to the society. Amid the implementation of CDE, students are able to identify their strengths and might even find out their entrepreneurship skills in them without knowing.

Besides, students are encouraged to reflect on the impact of the skills grasped for the betterment of the community. Indeed, the approach, therefore, helps students enhance their learning skills by making their own analysis and assessment which ultimately improve the quality of education.


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