Colette Abimana

Last update : 2023-01-09 13:51:49

Colette Abimana

Colette Abimana is currently a Ph.D. student in energy materials at the Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and
Technology located in Arusha, Tanzania. She completed her master’s degree in Energy
Engineering at the Pan African University Institute of Water and Energy Science
(including Climate change) and a bachelor’s degree in Physics at the University
of Rwanda College of Science and Technology. She usually serves as an assistant
lecturer in the physics department at the College of Science and Technology
University of Rwanda with five years of working experience.  Her
expertise is in the fabrication of Nano magnetite particles, biogas, and biochars
production using wastes organic matter. She has also basic knowledge of the generation
of energy from other renewable energy resources. She has gained knowledge in
nuclear energy as well through her visit to the International Atomic Energy
Agency (IAEA), where she was trained in the development of a curriculum for the
nuclear physics program to be taught for undergraduate studies and different
laboratory experiments related to nuclear instrumentations. She is keen to become a remarkable researcher
and increase the visibility and use of clean energy technologies to reduce
greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.


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