Elders from Rwanda Elders Advisory Forum visits CST, commend the progress

21 Dec 2022

Members of the Rwanda Elders Advisory Forum (REAF) have commended the work being done by Centres of Excellence to advance science education in the framework of the fourth Industrial revolution.

The observation was made on 20th December 2022 during a visit to Centres of Excellence operating under College of Science and Technology to acquaint themselves with the Centres’ contribution towards national development, particularly in the area of science and technology in the journey towards the fourth Industrial Revolution.

This is one in a series of fact-finding visits to different public institutions REAF is conducting to fully understand their specific individual roles in helping Rwanda position itself strategically on the fourth industrial revolution map.

After being introduced to the African Centre of Excellence in Internet of Things (ACEIoT) activities and achievements, elders commended the work done so far and were very eager to understand the mechanisms that are in place to ensure the sustainability of the Centre after the World Bank funding. to

“We have to think of how to retain the most brilliant students as one of the mechanisms to ensure they are not trained to benefit others, rather see how they can contribute to our national development”, noted Tito Rutaremara, the Chairman of the Forum.

In his remarks, the Principal of the College Dr. Ignace Gatare noted that the Centre is very much occupied with identification of different ways of sustainability mainly focusing on industry collaboration.

Before ending their visit, the Forum members toured the newly acquired IoT lab and got insights about new innovations being developed by the Centre students.

Principal of CST, Dr Ignace Gatare welcoming the guests from REAF
The Chairman of REAF, Tito Rutaremara addressing participants


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