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GASHUGI ELISEE, Lecturer, (Environmental Sciences), egashugi@ur.ac.rw, +250788612899

Elisée Gashugi’s experience includes over 15 years of professional experience, and he holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Science with specialization in Environmental Science and Technology. He is involved in eco-technology research, waste management, and surface water research activities and has initiated many national initiatives related to environment and climate change risks management as a researcher and consultant. Elisée’s experience also consists of institutional consulting in Rwanda/East Africa with track records in natural resources management and specific projects related to climate change mitigation and adaptation. He also has experience in stakeholder engagement and training with audiences that include students, government officials, Private Sector Organizations (PSO) as well as Civil Society Organisations (CSO). In addition, he has been extensively involved in national and international committees that developed several standards in Environmental, water and sanitation.


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