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RWIBASIRA PETER, Assistant Lecturer, Biotechnology, rwibasira@gmail.com

Peter Rwibasira is an academic staff in Biology Department, School of science, College of Science and Technology, University of Rwanda. He holds a masters degree in Medical Biotechnology from Wageningen University, Netherlands and currently pursuing his PhD studies in Biological Sciences from University of Liege, Belgium. His interest of research is on Environmental Biotechnology and Biological indicators of Soil quality for efficient Land use and terrestrial ecosystems conservation. Currently, Mr. Peter Rwibasira is exploring the response of Soil Microbial Properties and processes in response to forest tree plantations and agricultural practices (Terracing) in tropical acidic Ferralsols of Southern Rwanda. He is also currently involved in 4 research projects in which he has contributed for conceptualization and implementation. He has participated in module review in Biology department and He is the module leader of two modules: Environmental Biotechnology and Plant & Animal Biotechnology courses taught in Year 2 and Year 3 Biotechnology, respectively.


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