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UMEREWENEZA DANIEL, Lecturer, (Organic Chemistry), umereweneza@gmail.com,

Daniel UMEREWENEZA did his PhD in organic Chemistry at Uppsala University, Sweden under the supervision of Professor Erdélyi with financial support from International Science Programme. He obtained a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering specializing in optimization and safety of separation technologies from Xiamen University People’s Republic of China. His Bachelor’s degree in chemistry was received from National University of Rwanda. He has been a faculty member since May 2010.
Throughout his research activities, he focuses on phytochemistry of medicinal plants including isolation, characterization, structure modification, and biological activity of isolated natural products. He uses various chromatographic techniques, such as silica gel and sephadex column chromatography, high performance liquid chromatography, and thin layer chromatography. For structure elucidation, he applies mass spectrometry (MS), optical rotation (OR), circular dichroism (CD), infrared (FTIR), ultraviolet–visible (UV-Vis) and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopies, along with chemical synthesis techniques for structure modification.


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