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UWITONZE NESTOR, Lecturer, (Physical Chemistry (Electrochemistry)), uwitonzenestor24@gmail.com, 0785157429

Nestor holds a PhD in Physical Chemistry (Electrochemistry) from University of Science and Technology of China (2014-2018) and a master degree in Physical Chemistry (Electrochemistry) from Xiamen University (2012-2014). Upon the completion of the PhD, in 2018, he was offered a Lectureship of Quantum Chemistry, Introduction to Physical Chemistry, Chemistry for Engineers and Electrochemistry courses in chemistry department at University of Rwanda, College of Science and Technology. Nestor is a member of Member of Rwanda Academy of Science, Member of Royal Society of chemistry and serves as a Reviewer in Rwanda Journal of Engineering Science Technology and Environment. Since 2019, He is being involved in developing of IPRC, TVET and REB Curricula, and recruitment Ambassador of Students in China Union. He has also served as Rwanda Diaspora China as Provincial Representative in 2013.


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