Announcement:Application to BioMex-Program"> Announcement:Application to BioMex-Program">

callAnnouncement:Application to BioMex-Program

09 Apr 2024

The BioMex initiative offers a comprehensive certificate program aimed at providing specialized training for individuals seeking to excel in the dynamic biotechnology sector. Led by expert lecturers from three nations, our program opens doors to diverse career opportunities in medicine, healthcare, industrial production, and agriculture. Our certificate program serves as your pathway to success in Rwanda’s burgeoning biotechnology sector, offering innovative learning methods and blended learning excellence.
Participants benefit from a tailored learning experience, allowing them to shape their academic journey according to their interests and career goals. The program emphasizes blended learning excellence, combining interactive digital learning with hands-on experience in state-of-the-art laboratories at the University of Rwanda, augmented by virtual reality (VR) technology. As the field of biotechnology evolves, the program continuously enhances its offerings to ensure participants are equipped with future-ready education. Through extensive partnerships within the sector, graduates have access to diverse career pathways, opening doors to biotechnological laboratories and other exciting opportunities in medicine, healthcare, industrial production, and agriculture.
Applications for our program are open from April 3rd to April 21st. Feel free to register and stay connected with us through our various channels. Don’t hesitate to share our channels with anyone who may be interested:

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