Dr. NDENGO Marcel

Last update : 2022-09-22 11:09:26

Dr. NDENGO Marcel

Dr. NDENGO Marcel (Lecturer, Optimization, serandengo@gmail.com)

Ndengo Marcel is curruntly attached to the Department of Mathematics. Holder of PhD
in Optimization since 2013, he has been in charge of teaching the following module:
Optimization and Applications (Msc) and Financial Mathematics (Msc). At undergratudate, he has been teaching a couple of modules including Time series Analysis and Forecasting
, Regression analysis and Operations Research and Optimization. His research interest ranges
from Portfolio optimization to Modelling weather in Rwanda using Markov chains and/or
Neural Networks. He has been involved in more than 15 publications, supervising more
than 10 Msc students from AIMS RWANDA, two PhD students from the Jomo Kenyatta
University of Agriculture and Technology, one PhD student from Stockholm University.
He is currently involved in supervising Msc students in Data sciences and PhD in
Mathematics from UR in our department. His bachelor and Master studies are all
from the Catholic University of Eastern Africa CUEA, Nairobi. Besides taking
interest in modelling weather in Rwanda, he nowadays is interest in Modeling also
the environmental data, the atmospheric data via web scraping for web data access
and later using Machine learning technique for prediction.


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