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TOMANI JEAN CLAUDE DIDELOT, Lecturer, (Pharmacognosy and molecular Biology), Tomanfils@yahoo.fr; 0788310850

Dr. Jean Claude D. TOMANI is a PhD holder in the field of Pharmacognosy and molecular Biology. His research interests focus on chronic inflammatory disorders and cancer, particularly on the discovery of new potential drug leads of the natural origin (isolation and characterization using chromatography, MS, IR and NMR spectroscopy, etc.) and the understanding of their molecular mechanisms, using a variety of approaches including cell biology. Skilled in using different biotechnological and molecular biology techniques and tools including cell culturing, gene expression and protein analysis together with associated equipment and tools (electrophoresis, pcr, flow cytometry, ELISA, luminescence-based assays, etc.), Dr. Jean Claude has been involved in several research activities from the isolation and characterization of natural active compounds to the investigation of their molecular targets, and he is author to 13 scientific papers and 2 book chapters. In collaboration with other colleagues, Dr. Jean Claude has received several grants including:
1. “Strengthening the Biotechnology Postgraduate Program (Msc/Phd) at the University of Rwanda” (grant received from ENABEL/Belgium with a budget: 836,000 euros)
2. “Cytotoxicity Studies and Standardizition of Leaves of Tetradenia Riparia (umuravumba), an African Medicinal plant” (a 20,000 $ grant received from SIDA/Sweeden)
3. “Sustainable plant protection via green controlled release of optimized fungicide combination “(this 1,000,000 $ grant has been selected for the final phase competition, JPIAMR DRUID/Sweeden).


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