Teaching and Learning Enhancement

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  1. Background of DTLE


The Quality Assurance and Enhancement Directorate was established in 2002. There was no national quality assurance system to guide the practices of the Institute. The institute thought it was important to address issues of quality by putting in place the directorate to specifically research and put in place quality assurance policies, practices and procedures. A manual outlining general administrative and academic quality guidelines was developed in 2004. In 2005 the government established a National Council for Higher for Education (NCHE) which set standards and policies for all HEI to implement. The standards and policies were based on research done by a consultant on the International academic standards and best practices.


In 2006, the quality Assurance office  reviewed academic quality assurance policies, practices and procedures in place against the standards set by the immerging NCHE. Hence the Institute was mandated to;

  • Use the guidelines provided by the NCHE National Qualifications Framework for Rwanda to determine KIST Institutional Qualifications Framework.
  • Benchmark quality to national recognised standards.
  • Prepare for academic quality audits.


  1. DTLE General Activities


  • Coordination of activities related to the development and supervision of  implementation of  policies, regulations,  procedures for the College teaching and learning enhancement based on national and  international  Overall coordination of internal and external quality assurance activities


  • Coordination annual action plan and budget preparation for the College teaching and learning enhancement. Advising the Institute on all matters and/or activities related to quality assurance enhancement in Higher Education.


  • Provision of guidance to the schools/academic centres on the development of the quality strategies/approaches/methods;

·    Monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of policies, regulations procedures, strategies, approaches and methods to enhance quality of   teaching and learning.·   Coordination of the development and review of academic programs ·    Coordination of distance learning technology activities that support teaching and learning enhancement  ·   Coordination of instructional technology activities·   Creating & strengthening external linkages with other quality assurance practitioners/agencies such as NCHE, the IUCEA, AAU, as well as with KIST Alumni.



Program Development and Academic Quality Officer
Education Dvpt, Innovation and Pedagogy Officer
College Director DTLE