Architectural Association School of Architecture (UK), CST Cooperation.

On 21st January 2016, a group of 11 masters level students at the Architectural Association School of Architecture commonly referred to as the AA-SA visited UR-CST, The institution is the oldest independent school of architecture in the UK and one of the most competitive in the world. Its wide-ranging programmes of exhibitions, lectures, symposia and publications have given it a central position in global discussions and developments within contemporary architectural culture. The team is on a one week research study visit in Rwanda with the objective to develop urban and architectural projects in Kigali and the vicinity.

A meeting chaired by the CST Principal Prof. Manasse Mbonye, also attended by senior academic staff of the school of architecture and the built environment at CST was held with the visiting team led by Dr. Jonas LUNDEBERG, a professor of Architecture at both AA-AS and Chalmers University of Technology based in Sweden.

Discussions centered on how to strengthen the existing cooperation between the two academic institutions and how to develop new building products from locally based resources that can be refined and developed into durable construction materials as recommended globally by the UN objectives for resilient urban development.